This website is purely fan-based and unofficial, it's ran and maintained by Dan3HitU.
All the videos are created by SSJGozar, ARDBZ and all of his other work can be found at Otaku in a Bottle.

Alternate Reality DragonBall Z (ARDBZ for short) is an online comedic DragonBall parody series which began on December 20th, 2006. It takes clips from all 3 DragonBall series (Mainly DragonBall Z) and has voice overs by SSJGozar.

ARDBZ is similar to the many "abridged" anime series out there in the general concept of humour. However it differs one major way; unlike the many "abridged" series out there, ARDBZ does not stick to the timeline of the original DragonBall series. One episode could be based in the Saiyan Saga and the next in the Cell Saga.
In addition, these episodes have random plotlines and are not intended to always be a re-telling of a certain DragonBall event. However in recent times SSJGozar has begun doing multiple episode story arcs giving an Alternate Reality re-telling of a specific Saga.

In essence, I guess you could say ARDBZ has 4 major episode types. First there are the general episodes which have plotlines made up by SSJGozar which tell a random story.
Secondly there are the story arcs which are multiple eisode arcs giving a re-telling of a specific DragonBall Z Saga (Saiyan, Freeza, Cell and Buu).
Third is the movie special re-tellings, these are episodes that give an Alternate Reality look of a specific DragonBall Z movie or TV special.
Finally there is the filler episode re-tellings, these are very similar to the general episodes therefore they're in the same category except they take a single filler episode from DragonBall Z (such as the classic "Driving Test" episode were Goku and Piccolo try to get a drivers' license) except giving an Alernate Reality look to it.